Bake: Apple Muffins

apple muffins

Frequenting the farmer's market again, I decided to make use of the abundant supply of apples.  This recipe is good for standard muffins or mini muffins (but be careful, it's easy to over-indulge on the mini muffins!).

Cook: Potato, Turnip, and Leek Soup

picture of potato, turnip, and leek soup

This soup is hearty and warming on a cold winter afternoon...

Cook: Roasted Chicken Breast with Root Vegetables

picture of roasted chicken breast with root vegetables
The local farmers' market had a great selection of in-season root vegetables.  There's something about cooking locally and seasonally that just makes for a better meal.

Recipe after the jump...

Cook: Beef Stew

During a recent cold front in NYC, I was craving beef stew.*  Boeuf bourguignon, while delicious, was a bit more intense than I what I was looking for, so I came up with this simple, but flavorful recipe.

*It might also have something to do with the DVD release of Julie & Julia