Cook: Crustless Spinach-Cheese Quiche

I know what you're thinking: "A crustless quiche?  So, you mean a frittata?"  No.  I don't.  While a quiche typically has a crust, the crust is not the defining feature of the dish.  A quiche is a custard made of a ratio of approximately 1 egg to 0.5 c cream or milk.  It is cooked completely in the oven.  A frittata, on the other hand, does not traditionally contain milk, and is started on the stove top and finished under a broiler.  True, I didn't even eat quiche until J converted me to quiche-ism with his Quiche Alsacienne back in January.  But in the past 9 months I've done my research, and can tell you that although this dish is sans crust (and gluten free!), it is most definitely a quiche.

Bake: Oatmeal-Cherry Cookies

I love baking cookies.  They're simple, can usually be made with what I have in the kitchen, and are ready to eat in less than an hour (with the exception of my chocolate chip cookies, which I'll post one of these days).  Having previously posted a number of cookie recipes, I was running low on ideas.  So, I did what I usually do - went to the bookstore and bought way too many cookbooks.  One cookbook I purchased was Martha Stewart's Cookies.  Flipping through the recipes, I came upon an oatmeal cookie recipe.  I realized that I had all of the ingredients for oatmeal cookies, plus some dried cherries left over from the Greek yogurt I made last week.  The following recipe is mine, not Martha Stewart's, but based on the feedback from J's co-workers, I'd be willing to bet mine is better.

[Side note: What's with cookie recipes having a yield of 48+ cookies?  Who makes that many cookies at one time?]

Cook: Cobb Salad

J's parents came into town last weekend for lunch.  I decided to make a Cobb salad, as a healthier - but filling - dish.  Cobb salad traditionally consists of greens, hard boiled eggs, bacon, avocado, chicken, blue cheese, tomato, chives, and a light vinaigrette.  I forgot to buy chives at the grocery store, so this recipe doesn't include them (feel free to add them, if you so desire).  I added cucumbers to the traditional recipe, because I love cucumbers.

Cook: Greek Yogurt

I have recently developed an obsession with Greek yogurt (also called "strained yogurt" or "yogurt cheese").  When I learned that you could easily transform plain yogurt into the thick, tangy Greek yogurt, I had to try.