Bake: Mini Mints

It's that time again.  Girl Scout Cookie season.  Having made awesome Tagalong and Samoa taste-alikes last year, and in celebration of National Chocolate Mint Day on the 19th, I figured I'd try my hand at Thin Mints.  I started with a recipe for chocolate mint wafers from Martha Stewart, added some high-quality chocolate coating, and at J's suggestion, sprinkled Kosher salt on top (which really takes the cookies to another level).  The resulting cookie was a bite-sized morsel of deliciousness, slightly cake-ier than true Thin Mints, but still so addictive.

Cook: Baba Ganoush & Hummus

New year, new diet.  I was tasked with bringing an appetizer to a dinner party recently, and wanted something that wouldn't completely ruin my diet.  Hummus, while a bit caloric, is rich in protein and fiber, and can be eaten with vegetables.  I had made hummus before, so I knew that it was easy, and much better than the store-bought variety.  To stay on the Middle Eastern vibe, I decided to try my hand at baba ganoush, a tasty eggplant dip.  The recipe below is based on this recipe from David Lebovitz.  I served both dips with celery, carrots, and whole wheat pita chips.  A delicious and healthy snack for your Superbowl party!