Eat [?]: Perry St.

Perry St. is Jean-Georges' "casual" dining establishment in the West Village.  We went there for an early dinner on Saturday 4/24.  It was good, but didn't live up to the Jean-Georges standard.  Details and pics inside...

Cook: Spring Puttanesca

I call this "spring" puttanesca because it uses ramps instead of onions.  Ramps, otherwise known as wild leeks, are only available in early spring, and usually just at farmers' markets.  Chop about a half inch off of the bottom and top, wash, then saute.

Bake: Tarte Tatin

Tarte Tatin is basically an upside down apple pie.  It supposedly was invented at the Hotel Tatin: one of the Tatin sisters got distracted by conversation with a guest and forgot to make dessert; she tossed some apples in a pan with butter and sugar then threw some pastry dough on top; to make it more appealing she flipped it over; the guests loved it and the rest is history.*

The pastry dough I used in this recipe is my mom's.  It's simple but tasty.

Bake: Lemon Blueberry Bread

 Another super-easy recipe for weeknight baking.  My coworkers seemed to like it (unless they just didn't want to hurt my feelings).  Try it and see for yourself!

Cook: Steak & Aioli Sandwich with Mediterranean Salad

This is a great weekend lunch for two, with 2 servings of salad leftover for Monday's lunch.  The sandwich consists of pan-fried skirt steak with aioli and spinach on a baguette.  The salad uses Israeli couscous, the larger cousin of traditional couscous, with a texture similar to orzo.

Bake: Blondies

If you think chocolate chip cookies are addictive, wait until you try these blondies.

Cook: Sole Meuniere with Roasted Asparagus

This recipe is deceptively simple, and results in restaurant-quality fish every time.  Asparagus are in season now, and are a great accompaniment to the sole.